Akathist to the Mother of God, Healer of Cancer

(This icon, called the Queen of All, is located in Moscow, and has had many healing of cancer for those who have prayed in front of it. The Akathist below was written to this icon asking the Mother of God to heal cancer. Used from site: http://saintjohnwonderworker.org)

If reading alone, say first the following prayers:


Kontakion 1

We Thy faithful servants, standing with compunction before Thy newly revealed Icon, do praise Thee with songs, O Queen of All. Send down Thy healing upon Thy servants who now run to Thee, that we may all joyfully cry to Thee: Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Ikos 1:

An archangel came down from heaven and said to the Queen of All: Rejoice! And beholding Thee, O Lord, taking bodily form, with a God-heralding voice, he cried out to her such things as these:

Rejoice, Beginning of our salvation.

Rejoice, Fulfillment of the Creator’s dispensation. Rejoice, for through Thee God took flesh. Rejoice, for in ‘thee the Invisible was made manifest.

Rejoice, Thou who didst receive within Thyself a Mercy of peace.

Rejoice, Thou who didst weave the fleshly garment of the Word.

Rejoice, Glory raised on high, beyond the grasp of mind.

Rejoice, Heavenly Manna, restoring hearts to life.

Rejoice, radiant Star of grace.

Rejoice, Fountain, pouring forth living waters. Rejoice, Mother of God, blessed among women. Rejoice, Incorrupt Virgin, who gavest birth to the Saviour.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 2:

The unoriginate Word became a little Child through Thee, O Virgin, granting healing to all who honor Thee and who praise His ineffable Nativity in song: Alleluia.

Ikos 2:

Seeking to know the unknowable, the Virgin cried to the ministering angel: reveal to me, how I, as a pure Maiden, shall be the Mother of the Most High. Then Gabriel spoke to her in fear, crying such things as these:

Rejoice, Chosen One of the Most-high Counsel. Rejoice, Quick Hearer of those praying to Thee. Rejoice, Treasury of the peace of Christ.

Rejoice, Hope and Strength of Thy people. Rejoice, wondrous Destroyer of the curse of cancer.

Rejoice, Healer of other infirmities.

Rejoice, only Defense for the world.

Rejoice, sure Deliverance from sorrows.

Rejoice, Thou who dost ever assuage weeping and tears.

Rejoice, Thou who openest the gates of salvation to all.

Rejoice, Scepter and Might of those who dwell on the Holy Mountain.

Rejoice, Staff of monks and laity.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.


Kontakion 3:

The power of the Most High overshadowed Thee, O Maiden, and ineffably took flesh, showing Thee to be a sweet meadow for all who wish to reap salvation as they sing: Alleluia.

Ikos 3:

Thy holy Icon, “Queen of All,” was wondrously glorified, O Mother of God, when healing began to flow forth from Thine image. Thou grantest healing to those who sing before it with faith, that- such songs as these may be multiplied:

Rejoice, Mother of the never-setting Light. Rejoice, Victory of those who endure to the end.

Rejoice, true Physician in sickness and affliction.

Rejoice, inviolable Wall for orphans and widows. Rejoice, Opener of the doors of Paradise.

Rejoice, Defender of those who labor and are heavy laden.

Rejoice, Intercessor for the salvation of the faithful.

Rejoice, Mediatress for the Christian race. Rejoice, heavenly Ladder ascending from earth to Heaven.

Rejoice, Living Water, washing away mortal sins. Rejoice, Ewe Lamb, preserving the hearts of the guileless.

Rejoice, Protecting Veil sheltering the children of the Church.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 4:

Giving life to the world, the Master of all dwelt in Thy womb, though Thou hadst not known man. Having shown Thee to be the Mother of the faithful, He taught them to cry out: Alleluia.

Ikos 4:

Most glorious things have come to pass concerning Thee, O City of God, through the healing pouring forth from Thy holy Icon; and receiving refreshing streams of healing, we cry with thanksgiving, O Queen of All:

Rejoice, Herb of healing, relieving pains.

Rejoice, Coolness, refreshing feverish ailments.

Rejoice, Flame, burning the curse of cancer.

Rejoice, Thou who dost raise from their beds those abandoned by doctors.

Rejoice, Thou who revealest Thy most-pure face to Thy chosen ones.

Rejoice, Release from the fetters of sin.

Rejoice, for through Thee deliverance from death has been granted.

Rejoice, for through Thee countless multitudes of the faithful have been justified.

Rejoice, Height unattained by human thoughts.

Rejoice, Depth experienced by the Word alone.

Rejoice, One prophesied by patriarchs of old.

Rejoice, Guide of hierarchs who pray to Thee. Rejoice, O Queen of All, who Jost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 5:

Thou hast been shown, O Maiden, to be the most-pure Temple of the Saviour. We fall down before Thee, O Pure One, asking Thee to make us also temples of the Godhead, as we cry out: Alleluia.

Ikos 5:

The ranks of angels–having seen in Thy hands Him Who with His hands made man, and knowing Thee to be the only Sovereign Lady though ‘thou didst call Thyself a servant–endeavor to serve Thee, O blessed One, with songs such as these:

Rejoice, Thou whom God placed higher than the heavenly hosts.

Rejoice, Thou who fillest the world with miraculous healings.

Rejoice, Thou who dost hear praise and glory from the heavens.

Rejoice, Receiver of thanksgiving from the earth.

Rejoice, Thou who lost consume the seeds of corruption in our hearts.

Rejoice, zealous Vanquisher of the snares of the devil.

Rejoice, Thou who hast filled the vale of weeping with joy.

Rejoice, Thou who dost transform sorrows into heavenly swRejoice, Thou whom God placed higher than the heavenly hosts.

Rejoice, Thou who fillest the world with miraculous healings.

Rejoice, Thou who dost hear praise and glory from the heavens.

Rejoice, Receiver of thanksgiving from the earth.

Rejoice, Thou who lost consume the seeds of


Rejoice, Fragrance acceptable to God.

Rejoice, exceeding Gladness of repentant sinners. Rejoice, Armor of truth against temptation. Rejoice, Shield of protection from enmity and destruction.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 6:

The preachers of God’s Word, the Saviour’s disciples, appeared miraculously before Thee, O Virgin, when Thou didst ascend from earth to Heaven, that with one heart and mouth they might sing to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 6:

Wondrous grace shone from Thine Icon, O Queen of All, when the youth, darkened by satanic teachings, fell motionless before it. Freed beyond hope from the bonds of darkness, with fear and joy he cried to Thee thus:

Rejoice, Correction of a dishonorable life. Rejoice, Consolation of those grievously tormented.

Rejoice, Expeller of demonic hordes from the Church.

Rejoice, Disperser of the gloomy cloud of sin.

Rejoice, Abolition of invisible snares.

Rejoice, all-powerful Conqueror of demonic charms.

Rejoice, lamp, guiding those led astray.

Rejoice, Cloud, protecting the innocent from evil.

Rejoice, Mountain, nourishing us with heavenly manna.

Rejoice, Valley, saturating us with the humility of Christ.

Rejoice, Precious Gem of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Rejoice, Reflection of the eternal light.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who lost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 7:

Desiring to give “thyself as food for the faithful Thou didst will to be incarnate of the Virgin, that receiving Thy Most-pure Body and Thy Blood they might know Thee, the Perfect God; therefore, marveling at this ineffable wisdom, we cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 7:

The Creator revealed a new Mystery when He celebrated with His disciples His Mystical Supper. And we, who pray to the Queen of All to make us worthy of the divine and Holy Gifts, sing to Her such things as these:

Rejoice, Giver of the Heavenly Bread.

Rejoice, Bearer of the Eternal Life.

Rejoice, Chalice, partaking of Christ.

Rejoice, Thou who dost unite soul and body with God.

Rejoice, golden Spoon, filled with the Divine Mysteries.

Rejoice, precious Ark, containing the great and Holy Gifts.

Rejoice, Directress, pointing us to the Holy Eucharist.

Rejoice, Holy Table, offering us Holy Food.

Rejoice, ‘I’hou who dust place worthy communicants on Thy right hand.

Rejoice, Thou who dust rescue ardent defenders of the Divine Liturgy from Hades.

Rejoice, Guide of the dead to the fountain of immortality.

Rejoice, Shelter of peace and strength for Thy children.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who lost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion  8:

Having beheld a strange Nativity, and having laid aside all earthly cares, let us lift up our hearts. For this reason the Most High appeared, to draw to Himself those who call out: Alleluia.

Ikos 8:

Ever existing in the bosom of the Father, the uncircumscribable Word became flesh on earth. Our Great God glorified the Virgin and regarded the lowliness of His Handmaiden, who now hears such things as these:

Rejoice, Container of the uncontainable God.

Rejoice, Thou who revealest to the world the Creator above the world.

Rejoice, Shatterer of the power of death.

Rejoice, Healer of Adam’s wound.

Rejoice, Healing poultice, curing spiritual wounds.

Rejoice, Holy Oil, anointing bodily sores.

Rejoice, Thou who dost assauge the pains of those giving birth.

Rejoice, Relief of the torments of the dying. Rejoice, Cause of the defeat of Hades.

Rejoice, Deadener of the sting of death.

Rejoice, Hope of the general resurrection. Rejoice, undoubted Salvation of the Orthodox. Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 9:

All angelic and human nature was amazed at the greatness of Thine incomprehensible Incarnation, O Word. Gazing with wonder before this great mystery of piety, with fear and trembling we thankfully cry out to Thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 9:

Afflicted by many illnesses, we receive healing without measure from Thy holy Icon, O Queen of All, that having received grace by faith, with a mighty voice we may cry out to Thee:

Rejoice, constant Preserver of healthy children.

Rejoice, Bearer of health to the sick.

Rejoice, Healing of ailing children.

Rejoice, Mother of suffering youths.

Rejoice, Thou who dost raise up those cast down upon the bed of sickness.

Rejoice, Comfort of those held by the fear of death.

Rejoice, Thou who dust heed men’s weeping. Rejoice, Thou who dost regard our moaning. Rejoice, Suffuser of earthly pains with heavenly joy.

Rejoice, supernatural Patience of the tempest tossed.

Rejoice, Thou who preparest joy for those who weep.

Rejoice, Thou who provident the meek with wings of prayer.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 10:

Desiring to save human nature, corrupted by sin, the Creator descended upon Thee as dew upon the fleece, and made Thee to be a burning bush. Being God, He became man, that we might sing to Him: Alleluia.

Ikos 10:

A bulwark art Thou to virgins, O Pure Maiden, and to all who struggle for purity. God dwelt in Thee, thus cleansing His rational creatures, that having been delivered from all impurity, we may offer these songs to Thee:

Rejoice, Converser with seekers of silence. Rejoice, Crown of those who preserve virginity.

Rejoice, Beginning and End of spiritual perfection.

Rejoice, Repository of the Divine Revelation.

Rejoice, Initiate of the Counsel of the ‘trinity.

Rejoice, Cause of the salvation of men.

Rejoice, Summit, unapproachable to proud minds.

Rejoice, Refuge, open to humble hearts.

Rejoice, O Pure One, purer than the heavens.

Rejoice, Thou who art more honorable than the cherubim and the seraphim.

Rejoice, O Joyful One, for thou didst receive rejoicing from the archangel.

Rejoice, O Consoled One, for thou didst touch with Thy hands the risen Christ.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 11:

Though striving to bring a rational song to the Saviour, we remain unworthy, O Sovereign lady, vet we are still Thy servants; for who can worthily hymn God, whose name is as out-poured myrrh; therefore we cry to Him: Alleluia.

Ikos 11:

As the great Light—the Orient from on high, Thy Son and God—shone on those sitting in darkness, do Thou visit us, O Virgin. Thou hast become a candle on a candlestand, a light-bearing child of the Church, teaching us to offer to Thee such things as these:

Rejoice, Dawn of the noetic Sun.

Rejoice, Container of the Divine Fire.

Rejoice, Light, Who didst weave the clothing of the saints.

Rejoice, Torch, driving away demonic darkness.

Rejoice, Enlightenment of unreceptive minds. Rejoice, Light of sinful hearts.

Rejoice, Right Hand, drawing us from a sea of vanities.

Rejoice, Ray of light, guiding to the Kingdom those being saved.

Rejoice, Lightening, startling the unrepentant. Rejoice, Thunder, frightening the destroyers.

Rejoice, Brightening of evil consciences.

Rejoice, Propitiation at the judgment of God.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 12:

Desiring to give us grace, the Giver of the Old Testament bestowed upon us the New; then, having received grace—not through works of the law, but by the true Faith—and having found salvation, we all cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 12:

We hymn Thy Nativity, as of old Israel ex-tolled with cymbals the tabernacle of the law, which was but a foreshadowing of Thee, the true Tabernacle, whom we now glorify with virtues, that thou mightest hear from all such things as these:

Rejoice, Song sung on high.

Rejoice, Psalm heard below.

Rejoice, worthy Servant of the One God.

Rejoice, Pleaser of the Divine Trinity by Thy humility.

Rejoice, Thou who didst carry within Thyself Him who holds the ages.

Rejoice, Throne of Him who holds the universe in His hands.

Rejoice, ineffable Mystery of all ages and times. Rejoice, firm I lope of all peoples and nations. Rejoice, heartfelt Rejoicing of reverent priests. Rejoice, swift Hearer of prayers—both in churches and in cells.

Rejoice, Vessel of Mercy chosen by God.

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace.

Kontakion 13:

O Mother, Queen of all, who didst bear the Word, Who is Holiest of all the saints, having received our present song, heal us from all deathly illnesses and deliver from the judgment to come those who cry: Alleluia.


(Repeat Ikos 1 and then Kontakion 1)

Troparion Tone 4

Do Thou, O Sovereign lady, by Thy joy-bestowing honorable Icon “Queen of All,” save those who with fervent desire implore Thy grace; deliver from afflictions those who run to Thee; from all dangers do Thou guard Thy flock, who ever call upon Thine intercession.


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