Akathist to the Divine Passion of Christ

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If reading alone, say first the following prayers:


Kontakion 1:

Supreme Ruler and Lord of Heaven and earth, seeing Thee, the Immortal King, hanging on the Cross, all creation was changed, Heaven was horrified, and the foundations of the earth were shaken. But we, unworthy as we are, offer Thee thankful adoration for Thy Passion in our behalf, and with the robber we cry to Thee:

Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Ikos 1:

In completing the choirs of angels, Thou dist not take on the angelic nature, but being the Eternal God, for my sake Thou becamest man, and Thou didst restore to life men who were dead through sin with Thy Life-giving Body and Blood. Therefore, in gratitude for Thine amazing love, we humbly cry to Three:

Jesus, God, Eternal Love, Who was pleased to save us who are born of earth!
Jesus, Infinite Mercy, Who didst come down here to us fallen creatures!
Jesus, Who was clothed in our flesh and didst destroy the dominion of death by Thy death!
Jesus, Who dost deify us with Thy Divine Mysteries!
Jesus, Who hast redeemed the whole world by Thy Cross and Passion!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 2:

Seeing Thee in the Garden of Gethsemane struggling in prayer till Thou didst sweat blood, an angel appeared and strengthened Thee when our sins weighed upon Thee like a heavy burden. For, having taken lost Adam on Thy shoulders, Thou didst bring him to the Father by bending Thy knees and praying. For this I sing to Thee with faith and love: Alleluia!

Ikos 2:

The Jews did not know the incredible truth of Thy voluntary Passion. Therefore, when Thou didst say to those who were seeking Thee at night with lanterns: I AM HE, even though they fell to the ground, yet afterwards they bound Thee and led Thee to the judgment hall. But we fall down before Thee on the Way of the Cross and cry with love:

Jesus, Light of the world, hated by evil and worldly people!
Jesus, Who dwellest in unapproachable Light, seized by the realms of darkness!
Jesus, Immortal Son of God, condemned to death by a son of perdition!
Jesus, in Whom there is nothing false, falsely kissed by the traitor!
Jesus, Who givest Thyself freely to all, sold for a sum of silver!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 3:

By the power of Thy divinity Thou didst foretell to Thy disciple his threefold denial. But even though after this he denied Thee with an oath, yet when he saw Thee, His Lord and Master, in the high priest’s court his heart was touched, and he went out and wept bitterly. Look, then, also upon me, O Lord, and strike my hard heart, that with my tears I may wash away my sins and sing to Thee:  Alleluia!

Ikos 3:

Having true power as High Priest for ever, after the order of Melchizedek, Thou didst stand before the criminal high priest Caiaphas. O Lord and Master of all, Who didst accept torture from Thy slaves, accept from us these prayers and praises:

Jesus, Priceless One Who was bought for a price, adopt me into Thine eternal inheritance!
Jesus, desire of all nations, denied from fear by Peter, reject me not a sinner!
Jesus, Innocent Lamb, torn by cruel scourges, rescue me from mine enemies!
Jesus, High Priest, Who hast entered the Holy of Holies with Thy Blood, cleanse me from fleshly impurity!
Jesus bound, Who hast power to bind and to loose, absolve my grievous sins!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 4:

Breathing a storm of murderous thoughts, the Jews having listened to the voice of the father of lies and manslayer from time immemorial, the devil, rejected Thee, the right Way, the Truth, and the Life. But we confess Thee to be Christ, the power of God, in Whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, and we cry:  Alleluia!

Ikos 4:

Having heard Thy meek and gentle words, Pilate delivered Thee up to be crucified as deserving death, even though he himself bore witness that he had found not a single fault in Thee. Then he washed his hands, but defiled his heart. And wondering at the mystery of Thy voluntary Passion, with compunction we cry to Thee:

Jesus, Son of God and Son of the Virgin, tortured by the sons of iniquity!
Jesus, mocked and stripped, Who givest the flowers of the field their beauty and deckest the sky with clouds!
Jesus, covered with wounds, Who satisfied the hunger of five thousand men with five loaves of bread!
Jesus, King of all, who instead of a tribute of love and gratitude receivest cruel tortures!
Jesus, Who art wounded all the day long for our sake, heal the wounds of our souls!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 5:

Thou wast all arrayed in Thy divine blood, O Thou Who coverest Thyself with light as with a garment. I know, indeed I know with the Prophet why Thy garments are purple. I, Lord, it is I who wounded Thee with my sins. So to thee Who was wounded for my sake I thankfully cry:  Alleluia!

Ikos 5:

Foreseeing Thee in spirit covered with shame and wounds, the divinely inspired Isaiah cried in horror: We have seen Him, and He had no form or beauty. And we, seeing thee on the Cross, with faith and amazement cry:

Jesus, enduring dishonour, Who hast crowned man with glory and honour!
Jesus, on Whom angels cannot gaze, slapped in the face!
Jesus, Who was struck on the head with a reed, bow my head in humility!
Jesus, Whose bright eyes were darkened with blood, turn away my eyes from beholding vanity!
Jesus, Who from head to feet hadst not part whole, make me perfectly whole and healthy!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 6:

Pilate proved a preacher of Thine innocence, when he told the people that he found nothing in Thee deserving death. But the Jews, like wild beasts that have seen blood, gnashed their teeth at Thee and cried: Crucify, crucify Him! We, however, kiss Thy most pure wounds and cry:  Alleluia!

Ikos 6:

Thou wast a spectacle and marvel to men and angels, and to Pilate who said of Thee: Behold the Man! Come, then, let us worship Jesus Who suffered abuse for our sake, as we cry:

Jesus, Creator and Judge of all, judged and tortured by Thy creatures!
Jesus, Giver of Wisdom, Who gavest no answer to foolish questions!
Jesus, Healer of those wounded by sin, grant me the healing of repentance!
Jesus, Shepherd Who was struck, strike the demons that cause me temptation!
Jesus, crushed in body, crush my heart with Thy fear!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 7:

Wishing to deliver mankind from slavery to the enemy, Thou didst humble Thyself before Thine enemies, O Jesus, and like a lamb that is dumb Thou wast led to the slaughter, and didst endure wounds all over, that having healed the whole man, he might cry:  Alleluia!

Ikos 7:

Wonderful patience didst Thou show when, after the sentence of the unjust judge, the soldiers reviled Thee and inflicted cruel wounds on Thy Most-pure Body, so that it was purple with blood from head to foot. Therefore with tears we cry to Thee:

Jesus, Lover of mankind, crowned with thorns by mankind!
Jesus, impassible in Thy Divinity, enduring thy Passion to free us from our passions!
Jesus, my Saviour, save me who deserve all sufferings!
Jesus, forsaken by all, my Strength, strengthen me!
Jesus, my Joy, from all insults gladden me!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 8:

Strange and wonderful it was when Moses and Elijah appeared to Thee on Tabor and spoke of Thy death which Thou wast about to accomplish in Jerusalem, that having beheld Thy glory there and seen our salvation here, they might cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 8:

Everywhere persecuted by the Jews on account of the great multitude of my sins, Thou didst endure my shame and torment. For some say that Thou art opposed to Caesar, others accuse Thee of being a criminal while some cry: Take Him, take Him, and crucify Him. So to Thee, our Lord, condemned by all and led to crucifixion, from the depth of our souls we say:

Jesus, unjustly condemned, our Judge, condemn us not according to our deeds!
Jesus, Who was exhausted on the way under Thy Cross, my Power, forsake me not in the hour of my sorrow and suffering!
Jesus, Who didst cry for help to the Father, mine Exemplar, strengthen me in my weakness!
Jesus, Who didst accept dishonour, my Glory, deprive me not of Thy glory!
Jesus, radiant image of the Father’s Being, transfigure my dark and impure life!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 9:

All nature was confounded at the sight of Thee hanging on the Cross: in the heavens the sun hid his rays, the earth quaked, the veil of the Temple was torn, the rocks split, and hell gave up her dead. But we worship on the place where Thy most pure feet stood, crying:   Alleluia!

Ikos 9:

Eloquent orators, even if they speak much, cannot render sufficient gratitude for Thy Divine Passion, O Lover of mankind. But our souls and bodies, our hearts and all our members with compunction cry to Thee:

Jesus, Who was nailed to the Cross, nail down and annul the handwriting of our sins!
Jesus, Who stretchest out Thy hands from the Cross to all, draw me to Thyself, for I too have gone astray!
Jesus, Door of the sheep, pierced in Thy side, lead me through Thy wounds into Thy bridal chamber!
Jesus, crucified in the flesh, crucify my flesh with its passions and desires!
Jesus, Who didst end Thy life in agony, grant that my heart may know nothing but Thee crucified!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 10:

Desiring to save the world, Thou didst heal the blind, the lame, the lepers, the deaf and the dumb, and didst drive out evil spirits. But the foolish Jews, breathing envy and malice, nailed Thee to the Cross, not knowing how to sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 10:

Jesus Eternal King, Thou sufferest in every limb for my intemperance and incontinence, that Thou mightest make the whole of me pure, giving us a pattern in everything that we might follow in Thy steps and cry:

Jesus, unfathomable Love, Who didst not charge with sin those who crucified Thee!
Jesus, Who didst pray earnestly with crying and tears in the garden, teach us also to pray!
Jesus, Who hast fulfilled all prophecy in Thyself, fulfill our heart’s desire for goodness!
Jesus, Who didst surrender Thy spirit into thy Father’s hands, in the hour of my death receive my spirit!
Jesus, Who didst not prevent the division of Thy garments, separate my soul from my body gently!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 11:

Tenderest songs did Thine immaculate Mother offer to Thee, saying: Even though Thou sufferest on the Cross, yet I know Thee from the womb to be begotten of the Father before the morning star, for I see that all creation is suffering with Thee. Thou surrenderest Thy spirit to the Father. Receive also my spirit and forsake me not as I cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 11:

Like a light-receiving lamp the immaculate Virgin stood at Thy Cross burning with love and torn with a mother’s sorrow for Thee, the true Sun of Righteousness that was setting in the grave, and with Her accept these prayers of our heart:

Jesus, Who was lifted up on the Tree that with Thyself Thou mightest lift us fallen creatures to Thy Father!
Jesus, Who didst give the Ever-Virgin as a mother to the virgin Apostle that Thou mightest teach us purity and virginity!
Jesus, Who didst entrust Thy Mother to Thy disciple, the Theologian, commit us all to Her maternal protection!
Jesus, Conqueror of the world and hell, conquer the unbelief, the pride of life, and the lust of the eyes that lurks within us!
Jesus, Destroyer of the power of death, deliver me from eternal death!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 12:

Grant me Thy Grace, O Jesus my God. Receive me as Thou didst receive Joseph and Nicodemus, that I may offer to Thee my soul like a clean shroud, may anoint Thy most pure body with the fragrant spices of virtue, and may have Thee in my heart as in a tomb, as I cry:  Alleluia!

Ikos 12:

Praising Thy voluntary Crucifixion, we venerate Thy Passion, O Christ. We believe with the centurion that Thou art truly the Son of God Who art coming on the clouds with power and great glory. Put us not then to shame, who are redeemed by Thy blood, and thus cry aloud:

Jesus, long-suffering, by the lamentation of Thy Virgin Mother rescue us from eternal weeping!
Jesus, forsaken by all, forsake me not in the hour of my death!
Jesus, with Mary Magdalene who touched Thy feet, receive me!
Jesus, condemn me not with the traitor and those who crucified Thee!
Jesus, bring me with the good thief into Paradise!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Kontakion 13:

O Jesus Christ, Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, accept this small act of thanksgiving offered to Thee with all our soul, and heal us by Thy saving Passion from all sickness of soul and body. Protect us by Thy Cross from enemies visible and invisible, and forsake us not at the end of our life, that saved by Thy death from eternal death, we may unceasingly cry to Thee: Alleluia!


(Repeat Ikos 1 and then Kontakion 1)

Prayer to the Lord Jesus Crucified:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Creator of Heaven and earth, Saviour of the world, Behold I who am unworthy and of all men most sinful, humbly bow the knee of my heart before the glory of Thy majesty and praise Thy Cross and Passion, and offer thanksgiving to Thee, the King and God of all, that Thou wast pleased to bear as man all labours and hardships, all temptations and tortures, that Thou mightest be our Fellow-sufferer and Helper, and a Saviour to all of us in all our sorrows, needs, and sufferings. I know, O all-powerful Lord, that all these things were not necessary for Thee, but for us men and for our salvation Thou dist endure Thy Cross and Passion that Thou mightest redeem us from all cruel bondage to the enemy. What, then, shall I give in return to Thee, O Lover of mankind, for all that Thou hast suffered for me, a sinner? I cannot say, for soul and body and all blessings come from Thee, and all that I have is Thine, and I am Thine. Yet I know that love is repaid only by love. Teach me, then, to love and praise Thee. Trusting solely in Thine infinite compassion and mercy, O Lord, I praise Thine unspeakable patience, I magnify Thine unutterable exhaustion, I glorify Thy boundless mercy, I adore Thy purest Passion, and most lovingly kissing Thy wounds, I cry: Have mercy on me a sinner, and cause that Thy holy Cross may not be fruitless in me, that I may participate here with faith in Thy sufferings and be vouchsafed to behold also the glory of Thy Kingdom in Heaven. Amen.


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